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Noticed the Flight Search Engine when you landed on the home page of our website? Looking for a flight at a great price has never been easier then trying out our powerful, wide-range, worldwide search engine. It compares airfare prices from various booking systems, airline websites, and travel agencies worldwide. How is it different? It will list flights for booking based on your search criteria not only from top airlines but also from low-cost carriers is what is what makes it possible for you travel even if you are on a budget. The search algorithm is set as such that it finds the lowest possible fare wherever applicable based on destination and dates of travel.

And that's not all! Share all of you travel experience for the benefit of the traveling community away from cluttered social media and influence a positive change or express an opinion at your own independent virtual space right here on Targetmytravel.com. Tell other travelers about the airline or the airport most worthy of their time and money. We embrace the idea of a travel sharing platform that makes it possible to write independent and authentic reviews for airlines and airports that stay unaffected by the businesses they aim for. The on-time departure and arrival along with the in-flight experience lead us to prefer certain airlines. The great dining choices, the ability to work away from home, the quality of customer service, and the easy access to facilities at airports make our trips more enjoyable. Share it all! (Write Review)

Who are we?

TargetMyTravel is an online start-up reviews and ratings sharing platform established in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area by a dedicated team of news writers, editors, translators, and photographers and with the IT support by it.vertica.se. TargetMyTravel is built with the mind of fitting all mobile or stationary devises by incorporating innovative web technology. Enjoy your visit of TargetMyTravel.

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Even though our website is fully compatible with mobile devices, you can take advantage of our easy-to-use mobile applications (apps) for Android and Apple smart phones. The Apps are available to download for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Both Apps are advertisement free. We work continuously to improve your app experience by adding or advancing new or current features. Thus, updates to our apps will be frequent. Make sure you have the most updated app on your smart phone to take full advantage of new features. Leave us feedback within your respective app store and we’ll be quick to respond.