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Taking Southwest lately has become a gamble. I mean, you show up for your flight on time to find that it’s delayed or much worst, cancelled. This was my story on October 16 when I had to fly this a little over an hour flight from Los Angeles Intl (LAX) to San Francisco Intl (SFO). As I showed up around 9 am at LAX to our surprise, the 11:05 am flight we had to take was cancelled. I was part of over 30 people on a group ticket.

Our group was split by the airline in an effort to accommodate the cancellation into several smaller groups all departing at different times including some arriving at nearby airports in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Group member and I were schedule to depart on flight 2565 at 5 pm. Having the prospect to spend my entire day at LAX for a 1 hour flight seemed a little too much to bear. Went back to the airline and requested to go stand-by for any earlier available flights to SFO. Luckily I got on a flight 2653 scheduled to depart at 12.35 pm but delayed for 45 min due to unknown reasons.

However, my friend decided to try his luck on the flight to Oakland (OAK) as it was more convenient for him to go to OAK instead of SFO. Unfortunately, he was not as lucky as I and was not able to board a flight to OAK, thus, having to wait for his 5 pm flight to SFO. Guess what? That 2665 flight scheduled to depart at 5 pm went through multiple delays and finally departed at around 7.30 pm as he told me.

I have traveled several times before with Southwest. I few years back I was schedule to take an early 8 am flight from OAK to Reno, Nevada on a business trip. As I showed up at the airport I found the flight was cancelled. From the airline explained they did get enough passenger to flight hi morning. Can you believe it!? I had an important meeting in Reno, so I had to argue with them that traveling at noon as what the airline offered was not an option to me. They decided to shuttle me from Oakland Airport to San Jose Intl Airport some 80 miles away. I made it on time for the meeting, but I mean, what a service is that?
Now I see their habitual practice of delaying fight hasn’t not change much.

On that trip I was describing in the beginning when had to fly to LAX from SFO, the original flight was around 9.30 am. The airline delayed the flight multiple times and around 1.30 pm I departed. This is like a joke. I’d never buy a flight on Southwest as long as I have other option no matter the price.

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October, 2016
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