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This is not about the on-board service but how Southwest handled my cancellation. I was not supposed to end up at San Jose Intl Airports on my trip to Reno, NV from OAK. Little did I know that my flight to Reno NV was cancelled this morning when I showed up at Oakland Intl. Airport (OAK). Quite surprising… I was offered the next flight that was arriving too late for my business appointment in Reno. Bummer. Offered to go to San Jose Airport – to travel on my own risk 30 miles away. No way I am not doing it, I firmly replied. Reason for the Southwest cancellation: not enough passengers. Are you kidding me? Then, after some negotiations with Southwest, the airline attendant realizing that I was not one of those unaware passengers that would simply go along with the airline’s unexpected and untimely cancellation, decided to provide me with personal transportation to the San Jose Airport. The surprise: Chevy limo came to pick me up. The driver: Syrian who was telling me all about the suffering of his family and friends in Syria. As far as I see, this flight to Reno was really going to happen for goodness sake...

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February, 2017
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