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It can’t get more casual then that with Southwest
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It can’t get more casual then that with Southwest. I don’t fly this airline for various reasons, but my business travel agent seems to always book me with Southwest as they apparently offer the lowest ticket price from SFO to Phoenix Sky Harbor International. I have flown with them many times and I sort of know what to expect including their open seating policy and boarding by this very strange, on my opinion, system of boarding by group numbers. However, it seems I still can’t over the fact how casual and often way too casual is the demeanor of their on-board crew. “Do you want something to drink”, asks the flight attendant. I answer “Yes.” She replies “What do you want?” and it goes on and on the same way with this indifferent expression on her face screaming at me: “I just need to do this. Let me get it done as fast as I can.” At least that’s how I felt on this flight from SFO to PHX that morning.

Speaking about their uniforms, I don’t know what to say. Wearing shorts, full body aprons, or being dressed in cardigans or shirts with the Southwest logo – it is all on the table. So speaking of budget airlines, this is how casual and low the service level has become by a flight attendant walking the aisle with a garbage bag repeating again and again the same phrase: “Garbage, please. Trash, please.”

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April, 2017
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Flight cabin crew walking the isle with garbage bag in hand to ask passengers to hand out their garbage from on-board F&B service.
Flight cabin crew on Southwest Flight 1659 wearing shorts during cabin service.
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