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The airline still maintains quality of service
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Lufthansa is one of the handful airline left in Europe I think still maintain the quality of their service as the industry changes so much withe invasion of the budget carriers. The created me upon boarding the plane as well as I was passing in the cabin while going to my seat. I was impressed that announcements in the cabin were made in German, French, English, and Bulgarian languages.

Upon boarding at first I noticed that there was no fresh air in the cabin to the point when I felt a little short of air. The departure was slightly delayed due to the backlog of passengers being processed late at the airport. The flight was smooth. The customer service as expected from Lufthansa - courteous and friendly. They served light breakfast if fruit croissant and refreshments. Plane arrived on time.

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August, 2017
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Boarding of flight LH1707 at Sofia Airport on August 30, 2017.
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