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It was an 11-hour transcontinental flight from Munich, Germany to San Francisco, California on one my favorite airliners Airbus A340-600 series. I like the seat configuration 2-4-2. On both sides of the aisle you can take a seat with just one person next you which may feel for some or at least for me, very comfortable. Moreover, I have admit that as soon as I sat on that seat i felt very comfortable. You know, it is rare nowadays to for comfortable economy seats, but on this plane it was true.

As with other international flights I have taken on Lufthansa this one was no exception in terms of the fact that boarding was slightly delayed. Don't know why, since there were virtually one or just two pre-boarding announcements to tell any information, if any at all. At some point the announcement came that due to ongoing fueling the boarding will be delayed and it will happen soon but at a lower paste.

Even though I found the seat itself very comfortable, oh boy, the economy class is cramped. Seats are so close one behind the other that one can hardly even bend over if need to pick something from the floor. The seat-pocket is really small and one cannot put much. I had my electronic reader, reading glassed, and some other items and they barely fit.

In terms of food they had some highs and lows. The dinner was exceptional. Of the 2 choices for dinner ordered the chicken with spinach. It was delicious and the desserts really good. However, what they served for breakfast surprised me. it was chicken again, even though they had pasta dish but it was spicy so I went with the chicken which was with BBQ souse which in terns I found a little unusual for breakfast choice. Maybe they were trying to appeal to the American passengers in terms of taste, who knows.

After dinner as we were flight west into the daylight some passengers pulled their window shades down but not all. So I finally asked one of the flight attendants to ask everyone to pull the shades down so we can all get some sleep. Was that my job to do? During the log hours after dinner the crew kept going with refreshments which was really good.

Overall it was a typical service and nothing exceptional. During beverage service asked for tea but they did not have on the cart, so I was told to wait for 10 min. Certainly, I thought to myself. In a similar situation in the same cabin class on a Swiss Airlines flight the flight attendant did not say a word but a minute later came back with my tea. Wow! Great job Swiss. Can Lufthansa catch up?

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August, 2017
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Great entertainment system.
Comfortable seats.
Boarding with not much information.
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