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This is a two-hour long flight from take-off to touch down from San Francisco to Phoenix, AZ. I am not an American frequent flyer. It is because of my work place that I get booked with American. The flight was scheduled for 3.45 pm but as early as 1 pm I got a message from American that it was already delayed with new departure time at 5:30 pm. Oh, not yet again. Counted to be in Phoenix during daylight but that prediction went out of the window. Curiously enough, checked the flight on to find out where the aircraft was coming from prior to San Francisco and perhaps the reason for the delay. It turned out the aircraft originated in Philadelphia on that same date and it was delayed due to mechanical problem. Sweeeet. So, all consequent flights become delayed as a result. It seems not being on time becomes a norm for the industry as more often then not I find my flights delayed.

During the boarding process neither the ground staff nor the onboard crew made any attempts to apologize for the delay with one exception. The captain made an announcement he would try to compensate for the delay which at the end it did not happen as we arrived at around 7.30 pm.

As I entered the aircraft no one was there to welcome the passengers. There was a flight attendant in the galley busing himself with something apparently more important then being welcoming. Further down the isle another female flight attendant was putting on her lipstick as I passed by.

The cabin announcements were extremely, uncomfortably laud throughout the flight. However, one thing is noticed; how comfortable the economy seats were. They did not have a headrest, though, but so be it.

Service during the flight was nothing to wow about. The usual standard, expected. With complementary drinks they offered cookies. I like to order tea. On the flight to Phoenix they served it in a double cup as it was really hot, but on the returned flight the same tea came in a single cup and the water was warm.

On the following day I took the flight back to San Francisco. I was scheduled to depart at 8 pm but so it happened that I ended up at 9.30 am at the airport and wanted to change my flight. To change flights, however, I was asked to pay a fee of $74. Did not pay the fee and had my company take care of that. Eventually I was able to fly at around 2 pm and able to get a confirmed seat with boarding group 7. At the time of boarding just when they scan your boarding pass to get onboard, my pass buzzed red. They had to reissue my boarding pass right then and there moving me to group 8. Very well American for being on time and so welcoming.

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Date of Flight
April, 2018
Flight number
Tea and free snack served on flight 1242 from PHX to SFO.
Flight attendant serving complimentary beverages on American Airlines .
Text Message from showing flight is delayed.
Originally the flight was supposed to leave at 1:40 pm from SFO on 4/9/2018.
Information from FlightTracker showing why flight 1242 from SFO to PHX was delayed. Flight came from PHL due to aircraft.
Information from FlightTracker showing that flight 1242 from SFO to PHX is delayed on 4/10/2018.
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