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Did United just do it again?
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Did United just do it again? I mean, flight delayed due to mechanical issues for 55 min. Arrival, of course, is late. At DCA no available gate upon arrival. Stuck in plane for another 30 min. So a flight that was supposed to arrive at around 9:30 pm I was able to get out of the plane at 11:50 pm. Wow!!! The on board service was the bare minimum. Asked for a tea but no beverage napkin offered ( teal -lukewarm) while the passenger next to me got one. I mean, are you save on these beverage napkins now? The way the flight attendants on the flight carried themselves was anything but professional. On board announcements done in a hurry. Hair not tide up. I wanted to get something to eat.They did not have any of the dinner plates but only snacks. 

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June, 2018
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Tide up your hair girl. You are now in the service industry.
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