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What unexpected surprise by Delta. I gave it 5 out 5 stars and they are truly deserving of it. I don fly Delta in general simply because I try to accumulate miles with a different airline part of Star Alliance. So bad Delta is not part of it. I would not normally book with Delta. Last time I flew Delta was around 10 years ago on an international flight and I did not like at it all. But, oh-boy, this time they totally exceeded my expectations.

So, I was supposed to fly United. Their plane broke down and my friend and I were rerouted to fly a two-legged flight from DCA to SFO via MSP. On United I paid for an upgrade to Economy premium and I was quite unhappy that now I had to fly on a different airline on such a long flight and not having to enjoy my upgrade. Guess what!? The moment I stepped onto the plane to MSP things have changed completely. Delta upgraded me and my friend to Economy Comfort, I believe is what they call it, and we had an amazingly comfortable flight. I mean, service, crew attitude, food choice, even personal grooming, uniforms, cleanliness, announcements from both the cockpit and the crew. At the end ended up to be one very pleasant experience. Delta has changed so much as I last flew with them 10 years ago. It felt so different as to how one would usually be treated nowadays on US domestic flights. You get on board and smiling face is greeting you and that sets the mood entirely. Now I have to consider flying Delta more often.

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Premium Economy
Date of Flight
June, 2018
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DL 1637
Delta Airlines Economy Comfort Seat on US domestic flight
Delta Airlines Economy Comfort Seat on US domestic flight
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