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First time impression in Business Class Limited with Adria
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This is the first time with Adria airways on my way to Vienna from Sofia, Bulgaria. It was an evening flight. A few days before the flight placed a bid on Austrian airlines' website who issued the ticked to upgrade to a business class. Eventually, I got upgraded prior to the flight. It was a short 1.30 h flight. Adria did not offer a full business class seat but the same seat as Economy with the only difference that no one seats next to you and the offering of a full meal for dinner for which I paid the additional $95. Was it worth it? Not sure. The service was Ok. The flight attendants really tried their best as I asked several times if I wanted anything else, and this was expected of them. Greeted me as I entered the plane and said goodbye as I excited. They flew a small Canadair Regional Jet so before boarding all of our carry on roller boards had to be checked in and returned as we landed right on the spot not at the baggage claim. Overall, good experience.

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August, 2018
Flight number
OS 0794
Business Class Limited seats
Business Class Limited seats
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