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Austrian Airlines
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A pleasant surprise by Austrian hospitality
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Even though I extensively travel I don't recall when I flew with Austrian Airlines last time. It must have been years ago. This was a short flight from London (LHR) to Vienna (VIE). Customer service is what sets every airline apart from the competition which on the EU market is no lesser then anywhere else. I think Austrian crew on this flight delivered their full potential: they greeted me upon boarding and said Goodbye as I exited. The boarding process is a bit unorganized as general boarding is open for all seats so people tend to congregate in front of the gate quite a bit. During the flight there is not entertainment offered what so ever. You gave to rely on personal devices. The snack was Ok and crew was friendly and professional. The seat comfort was standard missing a head rest which I think would have been a nice touch. The airplane was clean overall.

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August, 2018
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OS 452
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