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Started this 10-hour journey from SFO to HLR looking forward to a great flight with United Airlines which I haven't used for quite some time simply because they often fall short in the face European airlines' competition in quality if service, comfort, and on-board amenities. I carried a backpack and a complaint roller-board. I believe the aircraft was Boeing 777. As getting seated I placed my roller-board in the overhead bin wheels first as I know it is the proper way so other passengers can place their bags, too. At some point a flight attendant came along the isle and tried to close the overhead bin as it was full but she couldn't. She asked around whose bag was the gray one that apparently prevented the bin to close. It was mine. When I replied it was my bag she asked me to fix it, turned around and walked away. Wow, I though to my self. Let me deal with that now. I had to asked around passenger to move and rearrange their bags in a way that I can place my bag sideways. I was not sure why as the bag fit the carry-on dimension by United. I felt very uncomfortable to touch other passenger's belongings. I mean, I am not saying the flight attendant had to do it herself but at least to offer to help. Well, that kinda set the mood for the entire flight for me and reminded me as to why I don't want to have United as my first travel choice again.

I have also noticed that on the particular flight no one came along the isle to check passengers for belts and what not before take off. Service on board started with pretzels and bottled water which reminded me the times years ago when I used to fly United a lot as their loyal customer when they would offer complimentary snack (pretzels) on domestic flights. What was different this time was lack of beverage napkin given with this service. So I thought, here we go again. Not to mention that flight attendant would not even knowledge you when passing the service

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August, 2018
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UA 901
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