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I am sure United must do better then that
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Travelling on this flight from London Heathrow to San Francisco, CA for about 10 hours and wanted to share my observations during this flight that made me an important impression and compelled me to share this review. I want to start with the food presentation which is hard to describe. I am not even talking about the food portions which are so very minimal, but the overall presentation. You are given a small, I mean a small tray that cannot fit all food containers. For example, for dessert they gave an ice cream that the flight attendant placed on top of the hot meal container. When the tray is placed on the seat tray it slides off as the plane vibrates or during even the slightest turbulence. The bread roll was ice cold along with the butter. On another note the staff grooming has always bothered me as I professionally work in the hospitality industry where female staff is expected to tide up their hair up. Regarding comfort my seat was always retracting after reclining so I had to adjust it every now and then if I wanted to have it reclined . Annoying. The movies from the entertainment system were from 1997 and 1998. The seat comfort at least for me was questionable. I found it too hard to sit on for so long.

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August, 2018
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UA 949
On Flight UA 949 from LHR to SFO food trays are so small they can not even hold allfood items
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