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Flying on United Airlines is yet again an experience to think about. Boarding the plane was okay as the boarding process was smooth and without the hitch that sometimes you might expect to experience. Entering the plane greeted by a flight attendant who looked at me and wasn't ready to say anything but then as our eyes met she said welcome aboard welcome aboard. I took my seat 28a by the window. Opened my seat tray to find out only that it was just dirty. No one has wiped them them off. It is obvious that he was really dirty and unpleasant to put a drink or anything on that tray. That kind of put me off and set the mood for the entire flight. The service was just okay nothing out of the ordinary. Accept the fact that I asked for hot tea. I was served the tea but with no beverage napkin. The passenger next to me order the Coke or some sort of a soft drink and got a beverage napkin. Entertainment it's hard to say if there is anything because they ask you to have downloaded the United Mobile app in order to access some entertainment features. Seats had small screens that were blasting some ads and how to use DirecTV or whatever. Meals on this 2-hour flight to Denver from San Francisco California for purchase of course . the seat itself was rather comfortable and reclined just okay. I also noticed that some of the flight attendants had their hair tied up and some didn't. So serving Beverages and food with your hair like that? Is that acceptable?? I wish service at United which is an airline I've been using for many many years one day and I hope one day would become truly better.

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November, 2018
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Unclean seat tray at seat 29A
Flight attendant with no hair tide up
Served tea with no beverage napkin.
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