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On route from Munich to San Francisco on Airbus A380-800 visibly outdated aircraft. To use the entertainment system you have to use the provided proprietary headset as the headset jack not standard. Annoying! In Economy... cramped seats. Seat comfort is bad. Seat was rather harder then softer, and on this 10-hour flight the seat becomes very uncomfortable. The entertainment system is working as expected but the touch screen is not fast responsive and it takes time, or even several taps before desired menu option loads.

Ordered low sodium meal - served as expected, however, the dinner and breakfast meal was exactly the same consisting of fruit salad, butter, creamer, bread, and chicken with tomato sauce, yellow rice, and steamed carrots. Thinking why I would be served the exact same meal twice? On another note, I ordered low sodium but the food seemed to have no salt at all. Food portions are now visibly much, much smaller from I know that Lufthansa has served me for years. Not sure of that is related to the fact that during online check-in I was offered to buy meal choice of my choosing varying in price but averaging $25. Perhaps now buying your meal in Economy is the new norm, or else you get very small portions.

Witnessed how a passenger seating on the row in front of me who ordered a kosher meal was given just the tray but not the hot kosher meal for breakfast. The passenger did not speak much English and it seemed she did not understand much of what the flight attendant was trying to explain. The flight attendant said: "Let me check", not sure what to check and never came back to the passenger to follow up with her on the missing meal.

The regular breakfast menu - the chicken with rice - the passenger next to me shared that the meal was spicy and felt disappointed for being served spicy meal.

The in-flight service is mediocre. Flight attendants garments looked sloppy; they would often chitchat among themselves and not looking at you during service. After dinner was served and cabin lights were deemed for the long flight I did not see any flight attendant or anyone to offer anything such as refreshments for the next several hours.. In the galley I saw left over and unclean bottles with soft drinks and cups for self service with trash.

Quite disappointing experience on Lufthansa this time.

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January, 2019
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Outdated armrest flights control position in a way that unintentionally get turned on by your elbow being pressing on the them.
NO flight attendants to tide things up in the middle of the flight.
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