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Lufthansa Hot
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Food and service was a big disappointment
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Boarding happens in particularly random order. Did not hear announcements for preboarding families with small children or people wit disability. The aircraft - Airbus A380 now looks outdated. Small display monitor in Economy. Slow to react on touch and you even have to tap multiple times in order for the selected menu to load. Seat comfort is just Ok for Economy with the expected standard amenities like pillow, blanket, and headaches.. Headphone are needed to listen to the Entertainment as your own headphones are not compatible withe the available plugs. No charging ports in Economy. Not even USB charging which is now almost standard. Food was a big disappointment.. Had pasta for dinner and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Neither tasted ok. Portions are becoming smaller compared to the LH flight I took past summer on the same route. Restrooms two hours before landing did not look sanitary.

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January, 2019
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