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My flight had been booked for several days. Round trip in one very long day that began at 3 am. Our plane was supposed to board at 6:50. However, after we waited and waited, they announced at 7pm that our flight would be delayed a half hour.
I chose to get a meal at a nearby restaurant while I waited for this delay, and reported back by 7:18. However, when I arrived to the gate to check in, I was declined admission and informed that they gave away my seat. We still have several minutes until take off (7:30 pm due to a half hour delay), and I had waited for over 2 hours for this flight.
The attendents unapologetically denied me the $300 seat I had reserved days in advance. They were willing to do absolutely nothing to remediate the situation. It is completely unacceptable that they could unrightfully give away my paid for seat to someone else after they delayed the flight at the last second like they did, and still would not give me my seat despite me being present at the delayed boarding time. I don’t understand how this is acceptable behavior or customer service.

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January, 2019
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