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This was my first time traveling with Swiss Airlines via Zurich on route to the US in Economy Class. The checking in process I can describe only as flawless. I had some questions about my flight. Called the US Swiss office, which is open 24/7 and got my call answered right away. Checked-in online at home and had no hustle at all at the airport in Zurich. At the jet bridge I was greeted with a smile by a crew member. During the flight I think this was the most hard working flight crew I have ever seen for more then a decade of flying experience I had. Everything was served on time, with a smile; I was always asked if I wanted or needed anything else. The meals were just perfect, served with real silverware. I will give only one example of great customer service on this flight. A beverage cart passes by. I am asked if I wanted to drink anything. I wanted tea. The flight attendant explained to me that they did not have tea on this cart but another one will follow with tea and coffee. I was completely ok with that – no rush at all. By next moment, the flight attendant took off and a few moments later came back with a cup of hot water, a tea bag, a silver spoon, a sugar pack all served on a small oval tray. Wow, I was completely taken by surprise, and it happened during the first beverage service in the cabin. It set my mood for the entire flight. This is the level of service I am talking about. At the end of the flight, again we were greeted for goodbye. A gave only 4 starts for the onboard amenities because of the entertainment system which appeared to me to be a little outdated. The plane might have been a little old but I did not care in the least. I enjoyed my flight fully. 
Dinner on flight from Zurich to US
Breakfast on flight from Zurich to US
SWISS, the airline of Switzerland
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