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Icelandair is the main airline of Iceland, headquartered at Reykjavík Airport in Reykjavík.

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complete failure to deal with complaint re holiday
Overall rating 
I booked a holiday with Icelandair for a friend and myself. I use the website and was told the whole booking for flight and hotels had been accepted. However, I then got an email saying the booking had not gone through. I had already had confirmation of the booking so it was a matter of chance that I saw this message. Icelandair blamed my credit card company. I then contacted the credit card company who told me no request for payment had been received so this was not a problem with the card or the card company. I told Icelandair that no request had been made but Icelandair kept blaming the card company. This was untrue. This continued over around three weeks. I had to make frequent calls and spent a lot of time sorting out the problem. Finally I had to send the credit card company a written statement. In reply the credit card company sent a written response confirming no payment had been requested. Icelandair then finally accepted it was their failure and I had to rebook the whole holiday. No compensation was offered. Icelandair had at no time until I got this written statement accepted that the problem was with their system. They never offered any apology but just referred to a computer failure. I had to rebook. Fortunately the package was still available at the same price. Icelandair then told me I was 'LUCKY'!! I couldn't believe this lack of sensitivity. They had been badgering me throughout and offered no assistance. In addition when I asked if I could book in a different way they refused to provide any other means, such as sending a cheque or booking over the phone. Then having booked the holiday I found that they had booked it in the wrong title. They had called me Mr not Ms. The consequence was that they booked all the hotels as double beds which was not what I had asked for. I wanted twin beds. I had actually pointed out this error when the booking was initially confirmed, before I had to rebook. All of this had been ticked correctly when I booked, so again this was an error on the system. They said they had corrected it but they had not done so. So when we arrived in Iceland the hotel was wrongly booked so we had to be moved to a room with twin beds. This new room was inferior to the room we had been booked into. There was no tv and the fridge wasn't working. So I considered we should have received some kind of compensation. But no compensation was offered. Because of this problem I then decided I had to check whether the next hotel was correctly booked. I asked at the first hotel to check bookings at the next hotel. When they looked they found the next hotel had not been booked, even though I had received confirmation of the second hotel from icelandair. So at that point I did not know whether we had a second hotel to go to. Only when the tour guide arrived at the first hotel did I discover that we had been booked into a different hotel. This new hotel was inferior to the one I had been told was already confirmed. Again no compensation or apology was offered for this change. As far as they were concerned everything was in order. In addition we are again booked as Mr and Mrs. I discovered that the tour guide had altered this so that we would get a twin bedroom. The third hotel was as booked and originally wrongly booked as Mr and Mrs although the tour guide changed this. The fourth hotel, which was the same as the one we slept in when we first arrived, had been changed to twin bed when I arrived. I sorted this out myself. I then complained to Icelandair about these failures but did not receive any satisfaction at all. In fact they failed to respond initially. Later, after I went on Twitter someone rang me. She said that if I had made a complaint to British Airways they would not have replied to my complaint. I do not know what British Airways has to do with this. She also asked me whether I had ever heard of computer hitches. I said of course I had but why had Icelandair denied there were any hitches when I had been trying to book and had blamed my card company. At no time they had told me and they had wasted my time making me go back repeatedly to the card company. After this I got no further response. Icelandair's customer service was appalling and its complaints performance was non-existent. I have also emailed the chief executive without response.

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December, 2016
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