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Quality of service declining
Overall rating 
On route from Munich to San Francisco on Airbus A380-800 visibly outdated aircraft. To use the entertainment system you have to use the provided proprietary headset as the headset jack not standard. Annoying! In Economy... cramped seats. Seat comfort is bad. Seat was rather harder then softer, and on this 10-hour flight the seat becomes very uncomfortable. The entertainment system is working as expected but the touch screen is not fast responsive and it takes time, or even several taps before desired menu option loads.

Ordered low sodium meal - served as expected, however, the dinner and breakfast meal was exactly the same consisting of fruit salad, butter, creamer, bread, and chicken with tomato sauce, yellow rice, and steamed carrots. Thinking why I would be served the exact same meal twice? On another note, I ordered low sodium but the food seemed to have no salt at all. Food portions are now visibly much, much smaller from I know that Lufthansa has served me for years. Not sure of that is related to the fact that during online check-in I was offered to buy meal choice of my choosing varying in price but averaging $25. Perhaps now buying your meal in Economy is the new norm, or else you get very small portions.

Witnessed how a passenger seating on the row in front of me who ordered a kosher meal was given just the tray but not the hot kosher meal for breakfast. The passenger did not speak much English and it seemed she did not understand much of what the flight attendant was trying to explain. The flight attendant said: "Let me check", not sure what to check and never came back to the passenger to follow up with her on the missing meal.

The regular breakfast menu - the chicken with rice - the passenger next to me shared that the meal was spicy and felt disappointed for being served spicy meal.

The in-flight service is mediocre. Flight attendants garments looked sloppy; they would often chitchat among themselves and not looking at you during service. After dinner was served and cabin lights were deemed for the long flight I did not see any flight attendant or anyone to offer anything such as refreshments for the next several hours.. In the galley I saw left over and unclean bottles with soft drinks and cups for self service with trash.

Quite disappointing experience on Lufthansa this time.

Flight Details

Date of Flight
January, 2019
Flight number
Outdated armrest flights control position in a way that unintentionally get turned on by your elbow being pressing on the them.
NO flight attendants to tide things up in the middle of the flight.
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It was not the expected Lufthansa Economy experience
Overall rating 
My experience on this flight started with the boarding process which, at least for me, set the tone of the entire trip. It was a flight from San Francisco International (SFO) to Frankfurt, Germany.

Boarding the plane was rather chaotic. Lots of passengers were cramped at gate G101 for 500+ seats at Airbus A380 while at the same common waiting area another flight to China was boarding another jumbo jet. There was not enough space for the passengers for both flights departing almost at the same time. During the pre-boarding time I did not hear even one announcement from the gate crew regarding the boarding. As the adjacent flight to China started boarding our Lufthansa flight passengers also started to form a line for boarding causing confusion as many asked if the flight started boarding. At some time announcement came out that the 2.30 pm boarding is delayed to 2.50 pm.; gate display board did not show boarding time.

Don’t you hate it when you get on the plane and the captain starts an announcement that seems important but you can barely hear not because your hearing is bad but the audio system sucks? Well, that’s what happened once again on this flight.

The service overall was as expected with minor exceptions. Crew started with offering snack followed by hot towel before dinner which consisted, or rather I chose some chicken meal with green beans, salad, and brownie for dessert. While chewing on my beans I bit on some hard object in my food. Who knows what it was! The brownie was very dry and the salad dressing was very strong. Overall, did not quite like the meal but what can one expect in economy nowadays? Not much really!

Two hours into the flight and after the dinner was over at around 6 pm original destination time and when outside still had daylight I was literally ordered by one of the male flight attendants to close my window shade as he wanted to make the cabin dark. Well, he was rather rude, is what I mean, ordering passengers to go to sleep. Had a problem the head light which would not lit my entire area very well so in order to see well while reading I had to keep the window shade slightly open to supplement with the light form outside.

The economy seats now are so cramped that if you take your shoes off you cannot bend down to put them on since the space is really small if the seat in front is reclined. So if you’re seated by the window there is no way you can get out without having the aisle seat passenger to stand up to make you way out.

5 hours into the flight decided to look outside and opened to window shade again to enjoy the full moon in the dark sky. Guess what? A flight attended came to me right away to tell to pull the shade down. He ordered me: “Pull the shade down before the sunrise.” As if the sun was rising right at that moment. At first, when he approach my seat I thought he’d offer me refreshments. You know how now and then crew comes along the aisle and offers water and juice? Not even close. It was about the shade. And no drinks offered since dinner 5 hours into the flight.

The first tray with water and juice came out 3 hours before the end of the flight. But as I was so thirsty that had to go to the galley at the back of the plane before that to look for something to drink. Found a flight attendant reading something who asked me “Help yourself.” Wow, “thank you for helping me out,” I thought to myself.

The seat comfort was Ok but would not recline easily. I had to push really hard on the seat. It seems it malfunctioned.

Arrived 20 min earlier in Germany but had to wait in the plane for 20 min for gate clearance. .

Flight Details

Date of Flight
July, 2017
Flight number
2017-07-11-SFO-Lufthansa LH 455-Crew boarding
On Board Flight on 2017-07-11 from SFO on Lufthansa_LH405
2017-07-11-SFO-Lufthansa LH 455 Boarding
2017-07-11-SFO-Lufthansa LH 455 Boarding
2017-07-11-SFO-Lufthansa LH 455 Chaos in Boarding
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Felt like first class passenger
(Updated: June 03, 2015)
Overall rating 
For on-time departure and arrival I gave it less, since this is what this story is all about. Had to fly on a Germany bound flight form USA with an ongoing connection to a second destination in Europe. The departure of the transcontinental flight was delayed for almost 2 hours. It was the time I had to make for the connecting flight. Indeed, in Germany I missed the flight and had to spend the night at the airport. Turned to customer service.. Sure enough, Lufthansa did not disappoint me. In just a matter of minutes I walked away with a voucher in my hand giving me a free night at a local hotel, dinner and breakfast included as well as the transportation to and from the airport. Have been flying on Lufthansa for years and will do in the future.

On-board the staff is so friendly and attentive. No matter the fact you travel in the lowest class, one is treated always with a smile and that is what makes the difference at the end of the day.
Breakfast in Coach Class US to Europe bound flight
Dinner in Coach Class US to Europe bound flight
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3 results - showing 1 - 3