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Ryanair Ltd. is an Irish low-cost airline headquartered in Swords, Dublin, Ireland, with its primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted Airports.

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Ryanair review
Overall rating 
I used Ryanair many times. The cost of the ticket is really reasonable and the baggage policy is also very good for a budget airline, which is not the case with Wizzair.

From my experience they operate mostly with old Boeing jets and I like them more than Airbus. If you want something while flying, as a sandwich or snack, you have to pay for it. Also they had this disturbing message "We have a lottery with some % going to charity..." which was broadcasted through the loudspeaker at high volume one or two times during the flight, which was kinda disturbing.

Overall for the money (for example 10-30 euro for an international flight in Europe) it is a very good airline.

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September, 2017
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Very bad experience
Overall rating 
I traveled Sofia-Stockholm Skavsta, and had terrible experience.

1) 2 children were sitting 2 rows before me, and played all the time electronic game with super loud sound. I asked their mother to turn off the sound, and she asked me: Is anybody sleeping? No comment... the noise continued. I asked one of the flight attendants to go and ask the woman to turn off the sound, he went, but the sound continued. Then I asked another flight attendant if there is policy of Ryanair to NOT allow music to be played onboard, and he said, 'only if it doesn't disturb the passengers". Then he went and talked to the woman, to which she stood up and started quarreling with me, that the sound doesn't come from them... at least after this the sound stopped, finally! I had to fight for 1.5 hours, to get some peace.
Suggestion to Ryanair: to introduce a rule for no music&sounds on board from any devices. To be as serious as the non-smoking rule.

2) Behind my seat was a woman traveling with 2 children, of which 1 baby. She was holding the boy in her lap which caused my seat to shake. Also, the child was going around and disturbing other passengers, as well as jumping all the time, which caused annoying vibrations.
Suggestion to Ryanair: to consider splitting children traveling with parents compartment to be separated from the rest of the traveling people. I am sure this can be done not so hard, as you know very well what is the usual % of people traveling with children.

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August, 2017
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