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Did United just do it again?
Overall rating 
Did United just do it again? I mean, flight delayed due to mechanical issues for 55 min. Arrival, of course, is late. At DCA no available gate upon arrival. Stuck in plane for another 30 min. So a flight that was supposed to arrive at around 9:30 pm I was able to get out of the plane at 11:50 pm. Wow!!! The on board service was the bare minimum. Asked for a tea but no beverage napkin offered ( teal -lukewarm) while the passenger next to me got one. I mean, are you save on these beverage napkins now? The way the flight attendants on the flight carried themselves was anything but professional. On board announcements done in a hurry. Hair not tide up. I wanted to get something to eat.They did not have any of the dinner plates but only snacks. 

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June, 2018
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Tide up your hair girl. You are now in the service industry.
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Think twice before you book
Overall rating 
Flight was originally scheduled to depart at 1.30pm from Chicago O'Hare to San Francisco, CA but delayed to 2.30 pm because the plane was originally late from Cancun, and then delayed one more time to 4.15pm. Ultimately, the plane arrived at 6pm at another gate but told to have technical issues. The airline provided another plane at 9pm when finally boarded. The staff was all helping and handled things with care but I need to think twice before I book with united again.
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No Thrill Airline with mediocre service
Overall rating 
Took United on a flight 1175 from Chicago to San Francisco. It is 4 ½ hour flight. Boarding the plane was rather unpleasant. No one greats you as you step in. The crew member at the door was busy with something else and apparently had no intention of greeting anyone. Getting to your seat is another challenge. Passengers were left alone to deal with their carry-on. By rule smaller items as backpacks and purses should go under the seat in front you to leave room for the larger roller boards in the limited space of the overhead bins , but of course, it seemed to me the crew did not care. People were trying to fit their luggage as best as they can often getting into personal arguments as bags and other personal items were shoved by passengers in attempt to fit their own luggage. So you can image the madness. On board the airplane did not offer entertainment nor wifi. Crappy airline food for purchase I have tried on United before, so no thank you. The crew had never smiled even once. Will I fly United again? Let me think about it.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3