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Very confusing signs
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I want to start with the exactly how one can manage to find out where to go get on the light rail train to downtown Denver. In the past to get to downtown Denver from the airport you have to resort to some other kinds of Transportation but now the airport offers a direct train that takes you from the airport to downtown Denver Denver at Union Station. So convenient!! Arrived on United Airlines flight at the B-Gates. As I walked out from the arrival gate I looked at the signs to see which direction I should go for ground transportation . believe it or not there is no such sign that said ground transportation. All the signs were saying baggage claims. So I follow the crowd and also tried to follow the baggage claim signage so that I don't lose my direction. Ended up on a platform where I had to take a terminal train to take me to the main terminal. Not until I got to the platform of that airport terminal train that I hear on an announcement that at the terminal or the main terminal I should exit for ground transportation. Wow finally I found a way for how to get to the ground transportation. None of the signs on the B Gates Concourse said ground transportation. Exit at the main terminal and try to follow the signs where it's at ground transportation / baggage claim however I ended up to a point where I lost it I didn't know where to go it was so confusing. Is if the baggage claim / ground transportation Direction was pointing to nowhere. I even ended up going to some lower-level and had to come up again. Then I saw a desk where someone was giving direction and information. I asked how to get to the train that takes me to downtown Denver. The person replied so it's very easy just follow this way and you end up at a door and there is the only way to get out of the building and then you'll see an escalator will take you down to the station platform. Not until I got to that end point of the of the terminal building where I saw a sign that said ground transportation I exited and then I saw the escalator that took me to the platform. It wasn't supposed to be difficult what is it! So I found that as I have not been to Denver airport for quite a while and not checking any information online and just relying on the signage or Direction at the airport to get to the train that takes me to downtown Denver and I found it impossible. It was so ironic that while on the airport train an automated message greeted us. He was the mayor of Denver telling us how great the airport was and so on and so forth and how he welcomes us for the holidays and to explore all that this airport can offer.. at the B gates at around 6 p.m. he was so crowded there were so many passengers very little space for sitting


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November, 2018


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