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I haven't traveled via LHR for many years and for good reasons. This summer traveled to Europe via Heathrow and certainly regretted it. It was not a pleasant experience by all means. When arrived at LHR had to transfer to another flight meaning I have not left the transfer terminals. For my surprise as I going to another terminal I had to undergo a security check point to check my carry on. Before arriving LHR i traveled through two other airports where I went through security and documents' check ups. In my carry-on I had a small container of hair gel. As my bag went through the the scanner it was selected for additional checking. It turned out to be because of my hair gel. The container was of 100 mlg and they asked me to discard it. When I asked the security officer who was rather rude about the fact that the gel was very little, he said they cannot measure the quantity and "that was the end of the story". OK, I had to discard it, but what in the world Heathrow makes you go though security as passengers are in the transit zone? If you are ruining to catch a flight, you may miss it. Earlier this month I traveled via LHR transiting to another flight. The security lines were long. At that time I spent 40 min waiting.

The distances at the airport are very long and with the so many levels and rather confusing signs I got lost at Terminal 2 going to the opposite side of the terminal from where I was suppose to be while trying to find my departure gate. Not to mention the gate numbering made no sense to me in the B-gates area. For example, in one end of the terminal is gate B49 and right next ot it is B31. On the opposite side is located Gate 38 and next to it is Gate 41. This numbering made me run to one side of the terminal just to find the the gate I was looking was on the opposite side. As a result I missed my transcontinental flight. Well, United agent gladly booked my on the next available flight, I am so grateful about it, however, this gate numbering is just confusing.

Also found that most restaurants were with seated service and if you wanted to get something on the go the choices were not very many. All in all, I will definitely not travel though this airport again, for sure.


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August, 2018


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