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Hidden gem in the heart in Europe
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What a hidden gem is Vienna Intl Airport!! Definitely coming back to it if my future travels take me here again. Visited the airport on arrival and departure to another EU destination. Found the airport really less stressful and crowded , really clean and tidy, It offers free WiFy which was not spotty on times as I found other free wi-fi services to be LHR or other airports, for example. Dining is plenty and choices are diverse from sit down restaurants to coffee shops on-the-go where you could take a quick bite. In fact I had latte and it was very good quality. Terminal access manageable and it did not require me to walk miles to reach my departure gate. Flight information i s clear not confusing or with contradicting directions.

On this trip arrived late and had a very early flight. Decided to look for a nearby hotel spent the the night before my trip. Found Moxy hotel conveniently located near Vienna International Airport and found it to offer stylish and comfortable accommodations just a 5 minutes walk in the facility of the airport. On the next morning had a flight at 7 am and I was right on time. Well, not many shops were opened that early but still was able to get a good morning coffee even though it was a bit expensive at above 4 euros, but it expected. It is an airport after all.


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August, 2018


Purpose of travel to airport
Work station near gates areas.
Early morning at Vienna Airport G gates
Empty early morning G-gates terminal at Vienna airport
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September 03, 2018
Totally love VIE airport: small, compact, very easy to navigate
September 03, 2018
Indeed. I would prefer it before other airports in EU had my travels take me back to Europe.
2 results - showing 1 - 2