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The airport of gambling machines
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It seems I could never get used to the Vegas airport in terms of being so focused on the tourist that come to gamble and not so much on the other travelers that make up for profits when tourist flow at a low. Found areas at the airport being simply dirty and haven’t seen a single person cleaning around. WIFI is ok and Free but that’s pretty much it. Dining is limited to mostly burgers and alcohol. Had hard time finding a healthy meal such as a salad and meat that’s not beef. Entertaining is big at the airport if you are a gambler, but if you are not, you are on your own. Ground transportation from Vegas airport is just share rides and taxis, and of course rental cars - be prepared. Terminal access and flight info is OK. And most frustrating was when I wanted to plug my laptop to a work station and none of the power outlets worked.  


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September, 2018


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