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Los Angeles International Airport

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Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles International Airport

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Los Angeles International Airport is the primary airport serving the Greater Los Angeles Area, the second-most populated metropolitan area in the United States. LAX is located in southwestern Los Angeles along the Pacific coast in the neighborhood of Westchester, 16 miles (26 km) from Downtown Los Angeles. 

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Southwest Terminal Stinky and Cramped

Travel from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Los Angeles International (LAX) on Southwest Airlines. The Southwest Terminal at LAX is a place you’ll remember. This was one of my worst airport travel experiences at US airports, ever. The departing airport curbside it seemed long enough to accommodate the constant flow of vehicle traffic with departing passengers. There were curbside kiosks to help with luggage check-in but that’s all about it.

Brace yourself before you enter the terminal. The Pre-TSA area is spacious but lacks some basic F&B options. Not even vending machines. Basically, if you want a cup of coffee you have to walk to the next terminal over. I saw only 2 single restrooms where one person enters at a time, so you’d see a line of people in front of the 2 restrooms.

The TSA check point is really clustered with equipment and staff for the amount of passengers that I saw were trying to pass at this check point. There were certainly lines for the TSA and I had to wait on one of them. I saw only one TSA check point for all Southwest gates at this terminal. Had to swallow my pride as a paying customer and allowed myself to be treated rude by some TSA officers. I passed the scanner and waited for my carry-on luggage to pop out on that belt. Guess what!? The officer behind the belt scanner stood up, walked closer to me and shouted: “Did you push your bins on the belt!?” Dude, I was already on the other side of the scanner. Can’t you see? I have no idea if people behind me pushed their bins as I did mine.

I also did not see proper space to gather your belonging and get your stuff together past the TSA check. Past TSA the terminal was so overcrowded. It was Sunday past 12 pm.

Your F&B option is just one restaurant that sells pizza to go and had some seating tables some of the empty but uncleaned. I had no choice but to order to go.

The terminal lacks sufficient space to accommodate all the traffic of passengers. Seating is just scares. Don’t expect to be easy if you want some work done on your computer. Saw most people seating right on the carpeted dirty and stinky floor as I also tried to do, but couldn’t. It was simply to unsanitary.

Will I travel via LAX again with the Southwest? Certainly not. I will avoid the Southwest flights via LAX all together from now on.


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October, 2016


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Southwest Terminal at LAX lacks seating and space.
Southwest Curbside Departing Terminal at LAX.
Southwest Checking-in Terminal area at LAX.
Southwest Terminal at LAX.
Southwest Curbside Arrival Terminal at LAX.
Southwest Curbside Terminal at LAX.
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