Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport originally named Newark Metropolitan Airport and later Newark International Airport, is an international airport which straddles the municipal boundary between Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey. The airports in the New York metropolitan area combine to create the largest airport system in the United States, the second-largest in the world in terms of passenger traffic, and largest in the world in terms of total flight operations.

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What a a buzzer place
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Newark Liberty Airport is really a buzzer place. This regional in size and capacity airport, based on my observation which call itself International (and yeah, it serves international flight for real) is one of the few near the NYC metropolitan area airports that might help you with your travel plans by lowering your airfares as it was in my case but don’t expect much more then that.

Found it hard to read and follow signs, believe or not, as I got lost the first time I went to this airport to pick up a car rental by using the Air Monorail train. BTW note that if you are going in and out of the airport by car you have to pay a roadway toll tax close to $3 each way. The second time at the airport I took my hotel shuttle. There is a bus to the airport and I found it inconvenient to shovel myself with heavy bags on a public bus; plus it takes an hour or so. So ground transportation in and out of the airport is rather tough.

At the Terminal on a United bound flight had to wait the longest TSA (security check point) line I have ever seen thus far on any other US airport. So imagine you go one floor down, end up at a line that is sorted out by airport staff stretching for 50 to a 100 meters, end up at the bottom of some escalators, go one level up, and you end up at the TSA check point after good 30 to 40 min wait. So arrive at the airport well in advance. I saw so many passengers trying to cut the line because they were afraid of missing their flights if were to wait that long of a line. After you pass the security screening check point the TSA staff tells you to step away and put yourself together at the benches provided further pass the point. So I did but just to find that “the benches” was just 1 and was occupied so I had to put my belonging on the floor to pack up.

Wait to see what happens at the Terminal when you want to order something to eat. You will notice notepads on every restaurant table and every food store counter and you become curious what is going on here? Decided to order something to eat at a burger joint. So you are not talking to anyone person but have to pick up your order from that notepad (be tech savvy) menu options, then you are given a receipt with a barcode, now you have to step away to another counter or pay kiosk where you have to scan your barcode receipt and pay, get your proof of payment, and finally go back to pick up your order by presenting the receipt. Wow, it took me a while to this out. But not only that, you should have seen people’s face expressions when they found that have to do a lot more to make that order happen. People dropping bags, purses, belonging, being frustrated, ‘cause it was inconvenient, I can tell you from personal experience. What the heck I told myself.


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May, 2016


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