Vienna International Airport

Vienna International Airport

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Vienna International Airport

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Vienna International Airport (IATA: VIE, ICAO: LOWW) is the international airport of Vienna, the capital of Austria, located in Schwechat, 18 km (11 mi) southeast of central Vienna. It is the country's biggest airport and serves as the hub for Austrian Airlines and Niki. 

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Bad airport attitude
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As I traveled to USA on July 31 the computer at check-in wrote I needed to see an employee for baggage. So I tried to use assisted drop-off for my luggage. Yes, tried... After queuing 10min a woman behind counter 368 at 8.30am told me to use a self check-in for luggage without as much as apology. I never encountered such rude behaviour from airport employee saying 'Do it yourself' to a customer. A young lady employee helped me later, she needed to use her card to check in my bag.
You make people pick the scanner and scan the bag tag like an airport employee instead of letting the employees do their job. A traveller shouldn't touch anything else except his possessions.

Another issue is lack of toilets at international G gates, long queues for them and they are dirty, some clogged with paper.

I am put off by your attitude of no water fountains, only overpriced water in plastic bottles available instead. Where is your ecological attitude Austrians?! Recycle bins are just a poor excuse.

Extra screening for randomly picked passengers, they tell you walk there, you walk unattended to scanning point where they throw most of stuff from your bag out and then let you unattended walk back to gate.

This airport boasts about how many passengers get through every year. They're increasing their profits and decreasing the quality of services offloading the work from employees to passengers. Soon the passengers will have to wash dishes after themselves and clean toilets with this airport attitude while the management saves on employees.

Honestly, if I'm given a choice it won't be this airport in the future I would choose.

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