How to save on airfare

Booking your airline ticket might seem an easy task, but season travelers and travel experts have a different opinion. We'd give you several easy to follow tips and tricks that

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Airline flight controls

Sophisticated computerized systems control virtually every aspect of a modern airplane and pilots must spend years of extensive training to master them. The safety of people on board and on

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Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental

The unveiling of Boeing’s newest airplane—the 747-8 Intercontinental—got the attention of quite a crowd recently during its official unveiling ceremony at a company plant in Everett, Wash. During the ceremony,

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Airplane in Flight

Flight has become one of the safest means of transportation in modern times, but lessons must always be learned from every airplane accident to ensure safety in future flights. The

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Airplane cabiin cabin onboard Germania A321SL

'Aviation is fascinating to people because airplanes are beautiful to look at, because they go fast, because speed is exciting, because flight for those who haven’t studied is fascinating and

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Infrared Radar in Airplanes

Airbus is planning to test new radar that would detect volcanic ash particles released in the air. Ash spewed by active volcanoes is destructive to airplanes and can even cause

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