Best airlines and airports for 2016 offers travelers to rate airlines and airports based on certain, carefully selected criteria. This is our first annual report for year 2016 reflecting how travelers rated their experience and

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Airline secrets. Airbus Aircraft.

Have you been denied services or compensation by an airline that you think you’re entitled to? Are you talking to a customer service agent at an airport to file a

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How to Travel Stress Free?

Here are 10 easy-to-follow recommendations you can use to make your next air-travel more comfortable and stress frees.

1. Pack the day before

Pack the day before for a restful

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A view the Airbus A320 cabin.

To find the best airline seat is not that difficult despite the many types of aircraft operated by airlines. Here is something you have to keep in mind. Some airlines

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Hidden airlines fees.

Airiness today charge for almost anything: from baggage to pillows and blankets. According the U.S. Department of Transportation the airlines in the United Sates for the year of 2015 charged

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Budget Airlines

It is hard to give a straight answer to the question, how budget airlines offer low airfares compared to the so called full service airlines.

There are several common ways

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